Posted by: Joe Eds | September 25, 2009

Perry v Hutchinson: The Rumble in the…Texas

Current sitting Senator from TX Kay Baily Hutchinson is running against Gov. Ricky Perry in the GOP primary. I’m sure to follow this race closely as my roots and much of my family are in Texas.

The Hill has a story on the race, still in its early stages. Most shocking news is that Hutchinson was leading in polls until Perry made the suggestion that Texas could secede from the union, and his numbers have surged and now it is basically even. The election will be on March 2nd, and it will get nation-wide attention, for sure.

I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m not a fan of either of these candidates. You probably couldn’t slide a piece of paper in between their political differences. Though Hutchinson is a Longhorn and Perry is an Aggie. So there’s that.

Will it get ugly? Yes. How ugly? There have been rumors for years that Perry has had extra-marital affairs with men. But, they have stayed just that. Rumors.  There are hints here that Hutchinson might try to make those rumors more well-known.


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