Posted by: Joe Eds | September 22, 2009

The Release Date Shuffle

On the movie front, some odd developments in the perceived Best Picture contenders for this year 2009.

First there was Shuttler Island, which got moved to Feb 19th 2010.

Then, The Road, from The Weinstein Company, was pushed from October to Nov. 25th (Thanksgiving Week) which is/was the same release date for another Weinstein Company release Nine…hhmmmm.

The rumors are out that Nine, which is Weinstein Company’s BIG release this year (i.e. could save/break the company), was pushed from November to December, then will have a gradual roll-out release over the following weeks leading to a big release in February, post-Oscar nominations and Golden Globes ceremony. Not too dissimilar from Chicago or Dreamgirls, other musicals that got big boosts from award nominations.

The Lovely Bones, the Peter Jackson film adapted from the Alice Sebold novel, was pushed from December 11th to late-December (no specific date settled), with a wide-release on Jan 15th 2010. Gran Tarino did this last year, many other awards-contenders have done this in the past.

Bottom line: December is way too crowded and the awards-contenders are getting out of the way of the potential blockbusters. Currently Christmas Day has three big wide-releases planned: It’s Complicated, the new Nancy Meyers film. Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel (it hurt just to type that) and Sherlock Holmes. Avatar comes out the week before on Dec. 18th.



  1. Why The Lovely Bones date shift could be a good idea or an omen of financial doom for Paramount –

    Paramount’s official response to The Lovely Bones date change –

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