Posted by: Joe Eds | September 17, 2009

Orlando, Where art thou?

Scott Mendelson wrote a piece about the whereabouts of Orlando Bloom, easily the biggest star of the 2000’s with two huge franchises under his belt. The guy seems to have fallen off the face of the silver screen. What gives? Mendelson has a fair analysis on the situation.

My favorite work of his is from the show Extras.



  1. did either of you find Extras kinda depressing? I could only get through 1-1/2 seasons before giving up. It was incredibly funny at times (Daniel Radcliffe), but too bleak for me. (and I’m a BSG fan)

  2. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 episodes, but yeah, I had kind of a similar reaction. It can be really clever, and kudos to the A-listers who show up in it. They’re good sports. But the show’s tone is pretty nihilistic at times.

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