Posted by: Joe Eds | August 25, 2009

You are what you read

In a briefing yesterday, the WH deputy press secretary listed President Obama’s vacation reading selections:

  • The Way Home, by George Pelecanos
  • Hot, Flat, and Crowded, by Tom Friedman
  • Lush Life, by Richard Price
  • Plainsong, by Kent Haruf
  • John Adams, by David McCullough

Now, it’d be silly to read too much in what the President is reading (Zing!).  But, I gotta say a few of these are quite interesting. Hot, Flat, and Crowded is about global warming and what policies can best reverse it. Good to know that is on his mind. Two books by writers on The Wire (Pelecanos and Price). The President has stated that’s his favorite show on TV. I see this as proof that was a sincere comment and the president’s pop culture taste just ran up the board. Then there’s John Adams. The story of a lawyer who becomes a revolutionary leader and inspired president during turbulent times. Oh brother.

What books do you think the President should read on his vacation?



  1. “The Limits of Power” by Andrew Bacevich. He should send a copy to every member of Congress while he’s at it.

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