Posted by: Jeff | August 24, 2009

Technical Issues Round-Up, Part II

First off, everyone, get yourselves on over to the iTunes store, because The Regimen is now available there for download. (For some reason, our podcast logo is not showing up in the store at the moment. Still working out a few kinks.)

Also, you’ll notice that we’re trying something new with our latest podcast. It’s broken up into two posts. The first post just has the link to raw m4a file, and is listed under the “Podcasts” category. The second post has the description, links and embedded audio for playing the podcast straight from the website. This post is listed under whichever category is appropriate by topic. We’re hoping this format will make searching through the categories easier in the future, and clear up some technical glitches with iTunes.

Apologies for the two week delay between podcast postings. Life happened (as it tends to do) and we’re still getting our work flow in order and trying out a few things. For instance, our newest podcast has chapters. Aren’t you impressed? I’m also an obsessive perfectionist, which obviously doesn’t help matters.

Finally, please let us know in the comments section about any technical glitches. I know at least one person has had problems downloading the links to his iPhone.

*UPDATE – Scratch that experiment. We’ll be sticking with our old posting format for the podcasts.


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