Posted by: Joe Eds | August 17, 2009

The Hotness Gap

(tip from Andrew Sullivan)

At the moment, Jon Hamm of Mad Men seems to be the male candy for my age group (late 20’s). His character Don Draper drives the ladies mad with his suits, his smoking, drinking, mysterious background and his loyalty to his wife being on par with a Kennedy.

Katie Baker at “Pop Vox” in Newsweek has made the best argument yet on the topic of Don Draper’s sex appeal. With the broad shoulders and square jaw he’s the definition of the virile strong man that women can count on.  The opposite of the post-Gen X sensitive male, such as Steve from Sex and the City or Jim from The Office, whose good-hearted, respectful nature used to capture women’s hearts.  Not exactly a new concept that women are attracted to dangerous, rebelious types. And it’s certainly not crazy to believe that women can find two very different types of men appealing.

However, Baker makes a point that Draper’s appeal is mostly to women of a certain age (20’s to 30’s) because older women personally dealt with (not watch on the TV) that type.

“My mother’s generation—who had to live with such men, whose hearts were broken by such men, and whose careers were stymied by such men—don’t seem to have much interest in Don Draper. They know all too well the downside of a man’s man. And they made sure as hell to raise us differently.”

Of course, Hamm isn’t Draper. Just an actor. And even he is game to mock his character’s appeal to women (courtesy of Hulu).


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