Posted by: Jeff | August 17, 2009

A Bit More News

On the health care front. Apparently the Republicans are now declaring they will even consider co-ops, much less a public option, tantamount to government-run health care. Good Lord.

I’ve ragged on Rachel Maddow and other liberals a good deal in my last two posts. But I rag because I think they’re intelligent and worth engaging with. The GOP, as far as I can tell, has simply gone ’round the bend. (If you want to see a true pair of snakes, check out the performances of Dick Armey and Tom Coburn on this week’s Meet the Press.)

It some ways, this announcement might be a good thing. If even the co-ops are deemed unacceptable by the Republicans, that pushes the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership ever closer to simply ramming a public option through without any GOP votes.

Leave it to the Republicans’ seemingly bottomless well of crazy to save the Democrats from their own instincts towards compromise. Sheesh.


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