Posted by: Joe Eds | August 10, 2009

Everyone Loves Jon Stewart

Even neoconservative pundits.



  1. My cantankerous left-wing comment for the day: It’s a disappointment that Stewart recanted on calling Truman a war criminal. He seems to have succumbed to a certain emotive, knee-jerk centrism.

    According to the Geneva Conventions, deliberately targeting civilians or inflicting destruction on them disproportionate to military necessity is a war crime. That’s what Truman did by ordering the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hence, Truman was a war criminal. Which isn’t the same thing as saying Truman was an evil bastard, though plenty of people obviously think it is, otherwise Stewart wouldn’t have felt the need to recant in the first place. (Given that the Conventions weren’t even signed until 1949, I don’t know if Truman could have been held retroactively accountable anyway.) But it would be nice if more Americans recognized that a label we’re so eager to slap on other nations and groups has actually applied to us plenty of times as well.

    The video of Stewart recanting is on YouTube. Basically, he says “Right after saying it, I thought to myself ‘That was dumb.'” I guess by “dumb” he means “political incorrect.” Because in terms of international law, not to mention basic language use and word meaning, the description is perfectly accurate.

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