Posted by: Jeff | July 21, 2009

Technical Issues Round-Up, Part I

Hi folks. As you can see, the podcasts are up and running. Joe and myself will also occasionally be writing standard blog posts to further comment on or expand upon points, ideas and issues made in the podcasts.

Each new podcast has its own post, and within that post are several features. First, there is a short description of the podcast. Then a link to the mp3 file, which you can right-click on and select “Save as…” in order to download the mp3 file to your computer. After that is an audio player, from which you can play the podcast from right here on the blog if you so choose. Finally, we have links to all references mentioned and all music featured in the podcast.

For anyone into things like Google Reader and so on, there are links to RSS feeds on the right-hand side bar. There is a feed both for the blog as a whole, as well as for the podcasts only.

We’re still working on our “About” pages, author bios, and such. We’re also in the process of submitting The Regimen to the iTunes store, where you’ll be able to subscribe to it for free like any other podcast in iTunes. (Exciting!) And, of course, we’re working on a better (or at least more relevant) picture for the blog header. Needless to say, this is all a work in progress.

Thanks for bearing with us. :)



  1. no smiley face emoticons, please. i will be forced to boycott.

    • Point taken. Ahem.

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